Gifts for all occasions

Fused glass makes an excellent gift for housewarmings, birthdays, hostess gifts,  anniversaries, weddings, births or just something for yourself or someone special.  This is not an e-commerce site. Please contact me to discuss gifts you can buy or I can custom design in colors of your choosing.
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Glass art or serving platter

Decorative or hors' d'oevres

Serve nuts, candies cheese spread



Glass Pricing

Pricing depends on glass color and amount of work. 

5 inch X 8 inch Cheese Boards $40 - $45
Squares of rectangles 5 inch to 9 inch $35 - $75
9 inch 2 compartment serving can be used for cheese and crackers, crudities etc. $80 and up
11 or 12 inch Sushi $110 and up
10 inch square bowl $85 and up
11 inch round bowl or plate $90 and up

Sushi Collection


Stainless steel flatware made with coated wire and glass beads from the Czech Republic. I make cheese tools, forks, spreaders and spoons that can be decorated to pick up the colors of your giftware. Excellent for hostess gifts.

Flatware Pricing

9 inch fork and spoon $35 a set
10 inch fork and spoon $45 a set
Cocktail size fork spreader and spoon (some use these for children) and cheese tools
  First item $10
  Second item $9
  Third and additional $8 each

Serving and cocktail pieces

Set of cheese tools