In 2011 I was commissioned by the Academy of Geriatric Emergency Medicine to create the first award for a person who made an outstanding contribution to the specialty of Geriatic Emergency Medicine. The recipient was an avid bird watcher so a Roseate Spoonbill seemed appropriate. I would be glad to design something for you or your group.

The Academy of Geriatric Emergency Medicine asked me to design an award for the 2012 recipient of the Gerson-Sanders Award.  I was overjoyed that they liked the award I made in 2011 so well that they asked me again. The awardee is an avid swimmer. I call this piece Swimmer in Motion.

I was asked to create a Gerson-Sanders Award for the 2013 recipient who was an avid knitter and loved blue. The 2014 recipient was given a piece that had been in a show.


Commissioned to create the "Crystal Vision Award" presented to Clyde Butcher in March 2010 by the League for Environmental Educators in Florida.


Asked to design a pick guard for a classic guitar for a milestone birthday present.

Pick Guard