Welcome to Fused Glass by Francine!

Fused glass is my favorite art medium. I enjoy turning flat sharp pieces of glass into a work that may be display art, functional or both. I love to see the changed texture and color of the finished work when I remove it from the kiln.

Nature surrounds us with color; color that is not static. The colors we see in trees, flowers, water and sky are all affected by light. Sunlight can change a mountain from orange to purple. I try to capture this when I create a piece.

I visualize how a finished piece will look with light from the front and from behind. I usually start with large pieces of iridescent transparent glass in the same color family. I add smaller pieces of contrasting color to create the final effect. Sometimes, I will add some dichroic glass to achieve a particular result.

I find fused glass to be like a group discussion. Some people take the lead and others listen. But, this relationship can change when new information enters and opinions change. Similarly, a piece of glass takes on new meaning when viewed from another angle or from a new light. I think of this as I allow the shapes and colors to speak to me as together we work to complete the piece of art.

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